Whether you are looking to increase your energy or get serious about weight loss First Pharmacy Diet & Wellness Clinic is the answer you’ve been looking for. At First Pharmacy Wellness Clinic we have taken the best information and tools available in medical weight control and concentrated them into programs and solutions that really work. We can offer a comprehensive approach to increased energy, weigh loss, nutrition control and mental wellness.

Our goal is not just to help you look and feel better but to develop new habits that allow you to keep that increase in energy & to keep the weight off.Start Living Your Best TodayWe have programs that consists of visits weekly or monthly to discuss mental focus, nutrition and fitness advice in a comprehensive, sensible & effective approach. We also offer medications that have been proven safe and effective for years to help you feel less hungry and provide increased clarity and hunger control.Our

Medications Include:• Phentermine• Phendimetrazine• Diethylpropion

These specific medicines provide very important benefits, and when paired with diet, exercise and lower stress are very effective in producing the results you wish to achieve.


We Also offer Vitamin B-12 Shots as well as Boost Shots. The Vitamin B12 gives an instant boost of energy and also helps to convert the foods you eat to energy. Its very common to have a few signs & symptoms which can be associated with B12 deficiency. In most cases these can be improved with a B12 shot. Tell us your goals, we’re here to help you meet those goals and more. Stop by or schedule an appointment today.